May 7, 2017.  12 Noon, Eastern Standard Time, USA

The entire credit for this version of the S.D.Burman website goes to Ritu and Neeraj who decided to get married on this day. My inability to attend this wedding led me to create this new version as my wedding gift to the newlyweds.

This website will be made flexible enough so that S.D. Burman music lovers can provide their valuable input on the life and music of their beloved maestro and we look forward to their contributions.

I wish to thank the team at Ritu Chandra for unknowingly providing the incentive and H.Q. Chowdhury Sahab for always being supportive. Gratitude is due to Moti Lalwaniji, an ardent Burmanda fan, for allowing us the use of his YouTube channel. Finally a big thank you to the team at Codistan, especially, Beenish Khan, Hassan Bin Zahid, Ali Azlan and Waseem Khan who have spent countless hours in putting together this tribute to S. D. Burman....Maajid Maqbool

October 31, 2006

We are grateful to all who have visited our website during the past three years. We are encouraged by the extremely positive comments that we have received.Coverage of ‘Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai’, our tribute to Burmanda to commemorate his birth centenary, has been added. A new look for the website is in the works and much more content will be added shortly to honour our favourite S D Burman.

Our thanks to all who have been supportive of our efforts. In addition to our respective families and our initial supporters, the following deserve special mention for providing invaluable information and material on our ‘grand old man of music’: Rajesh Kumar,Pannalal Roy, Girindra Majumder, Partha Pratim Ganguly, K.C. Pingle, Pavan Jha, Dr. Srinivasan Channiga, Mrs Basanti Dutta and Bheemsingh Rahangdale.

The team at

Maajid Maqbool, HQ Chowdhury & Ritu Chandra

The team at with Neeraj

October 31, 2003

This website has been launched on October 31, 2003 to coincide with the 28th death anniversary of the great maestro Sachin Dev Burman. It is our small way of paying tribute to a man whose music has brought to us boundless pleasure. The three of us reside in different corners of the world, belong to different age groups, hail from different countries and yet are linked through our common love for the music of the maestro. We hope you will also join our family here at and together we shall savour and celebrate the music of Kumar Sachin Dev Burman !

  •  HQ Chowdhury (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
  •  Maajid Maqbool ( Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
  •  Ritu Chandra (New Jersey, USA)

We gratefully acknowledge the following people for their help and support, knowingly or unknowingly, in making this website a reality:
Rajesh Kumar, Salman Tariq, Awais Butt, Dr. Srinivasan Channiga,KCPingle, Madhura Purohit, Ketan Dholakia, Srinivas Ganti, Shyamal Chakraborty, Saiq’a Shabnam Chowdhury and Ayesha Maqbool.