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.3331st October 2005-  Death Anniversary

      31st October 2005 marks the 30th Death Anniversary of SD Burman. We continue to offer some rare songs from Dada's early years.

1.  Pee le Pee le Hari Naam Ka Pyaala Hari naam ka pyaala is one of Dada's early success at singing Hindi songs. This light-footed bhajan was quite popular in it's time.


2.Kaun Nagariya Jao This bhajan was also very popular in it's times. Kishore kumar recalls singing this same bhajan when he was first introduced to SD Burman ( Kishore Remembers Burman)

3. Natun Phagun JabeThis is a dulcet light classical song, rendered with a finesse that was a hallmark of Dada's early singing output. His masterly presentation of the same song in the Allahabad Sangeet Sammelan of 1936 earned him a gold medal in the light classical section. In this sangeet samellan Dada was accompanied by a young singer called Meera Dasgupta. Two years later she became Meera Dev Burman.  
  4. Kandibo na Phagun Gele : This is a beautiful, melancholic song in the light classical paradigm. Rahul Dev Burman used this tune years later to base his Kinara Lata solo Abke na saawan barse.  
  5.  Mere Shyam Suno Meri Binati Another beautiful bhajan from Dada's dapper days.  
  6. Hai kije kori: We move onto a sparkler from Dada's early years. The song spills over with a joi-de-vivre that was inherent to Dada's music. Burmanda did not sing too many light hearted songs but when he did he outclassed himself at it.  
  7. Dake Kokil Roj Bihaane : This is the first song recorded by a young SD Burman or rather Kumar Sachin Deb Burman as he was known those days. A charming presentation of a folk song. The tune was by Hemen Roy.   

Song Film Singer Lyrics & Music
Dake Kokil Roj Bihaane (1.02 MB)  Bangla Non-Film(1932) SD Burman ?, Hemen Roy
Kandibo na Phagun Gele(1.1 MB) Bangla Non-Film(1932) SD Burman ?, SD Burman
Natun Phagun Jabe (1.1 MB) Bangla Non-Film(1932) SD Burman ?, SD Burman
Hai kije kori  (968 KB) Bangla Non-Film(1932) SD Burman ?, SD Burman
Pee le Pee le Hari Naam Ka Pyaala  (1.01 MB) Non Film SD Burman ?, SD Burman
Mere Shyam Suno Meri Binati  (1.1 MB) Non-Film SD Burman ?, SD Burman
Kaun Nagariya Jao  (1.1 MB) Non-Film SD Burman ?, SD Burman

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