Ek ke baad ek

Director: Raj Rishi

Collegian Prakash lives a middle-class lifestyle in a small town along with his brother, Mangal, and Mangal's wife, Laxmi, at a time when India is struggling with a population boom that is threatening it's very existence. Family planning norms and publications are being ridiculed by Indians, rich and poor alike, who believe that children are God's boon. In this atmosphere Laxmi gives birth to a baby boy, and in the next few years, gives birth to 5 more children, 2 boys and 3 girls. They get poorer and in debt, yet she gets pregnant for a 7th time, and this time it takes her life, leaving the children's responsibility with Mangal and Prakash. When Prakash blames Mangal for Laxmi's death, he is asked to leave, and Prakash's plans to marry Sandhya, the daughter of Gangu Telli, are also put on hold as Gangu loves children and does not believe in family planning. Watch what happens when Mangal is forced to beg from the community in order to keep his children from starvation and ultimate destitution.


1. Thumak thumak thumak hai chali hai tu kidhar
2. Nazar milaayi to duniya se darna kyaa
3. Na tel aur na baati na kaabu hawa par
4. Chidhi ladayi bhari re chal challam chal challam chal
5. Haath pasaare raste raste,sab ko sadaaye dete hain
6. Bataao kya karoongi main,jo gham ki raat aayegi