Sachin Dev Burman started his career in the early part of this century around 1926/27 as a radio artist in Calcutta. He had an extremely productive and hugely successful innings, both in Bombay and Calcutta, that ended with his death in 1975. In this period spanning almost 50 years, Dada gave the music for about 89 Hindi Films 10 Bengali Films and sang and composed about 200 Hindi and Bangla non-film songs.While a large chunk of Dada’s latter day output is easily available his earlier music is hard to come by. In this section we will try to accumulate as much information as we have on Dada’s output for the benefit of collectors of his music and also those seeking statistics. The process is ongoing and we will keep updating this site and improving and adding to the information.


Welcome to Burman Dada’s Photo Album! For those of us who have the “Salt ‘n’ Pepper’ image of Dada stamped indelibly in our mind, this section should be a wonderful journey of discovery into the past.



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To my Friend, Philosopher and Guide – Kishore remembers Sachinda

31st October 2004, marks the 29th death anniversary of SD Burman. To commemorate him we bring to you a radio program recorded by Kishore Kumar in 1975 as obituary to his mentor . This program has gone down in the musical lore for it’s absolutely original format and winsome quality. It has Kishore taking us on an extremely entertaining journey to meet Burmanda. The […]

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A Book on SD Burman: The Making of The Genius

“The book is nothing but an expression of the man. The book is nothing but the man trying to talk to you, trying to impart to you, some of his feelings,” said Arnold Bennett, in his classic work, Literary Taste, while urging the reader, especially the beginners, to “acquire some biographical information about the writer.” […]

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Book Review: The musical world of SD Burman

Writing a biography is a tough task. It cannot be a simple collage of photos and anecdotes culled out from authentic sources. It has to reflect on what makes the person unique. It should not get colored by the writer’s admiration or dislike of the protagonist. In crafting the biography the most difficult phase is […]